Friday, November 18, 2011

Where is there a store in Nashville, TN that rents bridesmaids dresses?

I need to find a store that rents our bridesmaids dresses. the specific color i am looking for is periwinkle or something very close.

Where is there a store in Nashville, TN that rents bridesmaids dresses?
in gatlinburgh i know there is one or just go to wal mart and keep the receipt and return it the day after the wedding

Shark Teeth

What are good colors for a wedding in March/Spring?

I was thinking periwinkle but I don't know what other colors to use with that. Any suggestions for colors to go with periwinkle or any other combinations that would look good?

What are good colors for a wedding in March/Spring?
pale yellow and white with med/light turqoise accents. (sounds gross, but looks really nice)

or coral and light pink with periwinkle accents.
Reply:A pretty shade of light green and pink would be really pretty, or even the periwinkle like you're saying with the light shade of green.
Reply:periwinkle, yellow, pale green
Reply:Am I the only one that thinks venue is important to answer that question? For example, if it were an outside wedding, I would agree that periwinkle would be nice, but if it were inside I might think another color would look better. Garden, beach, church, country club, mansion....etc! Fill me in!
Reply:Green, blue, and white

Try pastles - good luck
Reply:pastels of blue, green, yellow, peach..
Reply:periwinkle and yellow. white and blue, white and pale green. pale green and yellow. pale green and pink.
Reply:Periwinkle is a light color true and with that said you should pair it with something that will make it stand out. Not something that is all pastel and the same old "spring colors". Do something outstanding. Try a really dark lavendar, Silver, Dark Magenta or even a really dark blue.

Good luck.
Reply:spring green, and white, possibly buttercream!
Reply:You have a lot options for a Spring wedding. If you want to do periwinkle, I would suggest silver as the accent color to really make it stand out.

Another option is navy blue-always a classy choice no matter what the season. This would also look great with silver.
Reply:my wedding is in August, im doing yellow, but i saw the combination of yellow and light green... very nice... good luck

Can anybody tell me where I can get some new england seafood here in Dallas?

I'm not talking about just crab legs, lobsters, or oysters. Every seafood restaurant got those. I'm looking for fried clam bellies (not clam strips), scallops, good fish and chips, crab cakes, lobster rolls, periwinkles,quohogs and cherrystones. I've been away from Boston for 6 months now and needing to get my seafood fix.

Can anybody tell me where I can get some new england seafood here in Dallas?
Do I hear that!

I haven't been home (Gloucester) in a year and it totally bums me out in the seafood dept.

Florida has good shrimp, that's about it.

I've heard that Woodman's in Essex ships clams out, you might check with them.
Reply:I've been in Dallas for 3 years now and I can tell you there are no seafood restaurants here which even approach those back home in Boston. If you don't mind bouncing around you can track down some acceptable fare. Daddy Jacks chowder house on Greenville has pretty good fish and chips as does the Old Monk (knox/henderson). I've yet to find any place that sells steamers. Trulucks on McKinney for crabs. Pappadeaux has crazy good deals on oyster plates. Although they are small, Local in deep ellum makes crab cakes the right way (tons of crab). Scallops are a tough one. I like the sweet taste of small Nantucket bay scallops. Most of the scallops I've had in Dallas are the larger sea variety so... Finally there are absolutely no restaurants in Dallas which serve a decent chowder so stop trying.
Reply:Hi, George Bitar here,

Try Fish Mongers on McKinney Avenue.


George Bitar
Reply:Pappas restaurants..
Reply:Try Trulucks in Addison

What color to do?

We are currently in a kitchen remodel. We have decided on black granite counters, pine floors, and golden oak cabinets. Now I'm not sure what color to do the walls! I've been thinking about a light lavender or periwinkle. I'm just not sure. I also plan on having wrought iron accessories and detailing. And suggestions?

What color to do?
Color is a very personal choice dependent on the mood you want to create. Check out HGTV for some great color advice. Just going on the description you gave, I would recommend a light sage.

Happy Decorating!
Reply:I think either of those colors would be good. Just be careful that they are not too light, because then it could be stark against the dark countertops. I think the blue would be great.
Reply:I would think a nice medium faded green or mustard/saffron yellow would look really nice. The warm colors would complement each other very well. But for a fun, darker color , then I would suggest a pomegranate shade of red and think it would look great! Best of luck!
Reply:i think either green or teal
Reply:While I'm not a fan of either of those colors, my thought would be the periwinkle for depth of color that would stand up to the strong colors you already have.

Many places now mix 2 ounce bottles of paint so you can do a large square in your room just to try it. I would suggest getting three or four shades, since there are so many shades of every color, and try them on your walls. It may look like patchwork, but you'll be painting over them and this way you can actually see what that "great color" you love on the chip actually looks like against the rest of the kitchen. It's a fact that most paints never actually look like the chip, so why take the chance. And after living with them a week or two, you'll know which ones you really like.

A few dollars up front for samples can save you disappointment and money in the long run.

Good luck - and enjoy your new kitchen.
Reply:They sound fine. However I would stay with a colour complimentary to your golden oak cabinets, so as not to shut down the room. By that I mean the more colours you put in a room, the smaller the room tends to look. One or two colours all over and one or two 'bright' pieces, by way of table cloth, curtains or painting would look great! Good luck!!
Reply:also think about a beautiful tobacco brown. Ive seen one kitchen very similar to yours and they used this color. it was fabulous. this would work well with wrought iron accessories.striking accessories need a strong backgound. whatever you decide, and it's almost always a coin flip, you can always change it, if you hate it. hope you have fun.
Reply:Me personally I would make it look Tuscany with a golden rod color possible an antique finish. Then decorate with wine pictures, grape vines, etc.
Reply:periwinkle is very in this year.
Reply:This may not be to your taste, but I'd say that a shade of navy would look good contrasting with the pine and oak and complement the dark granite and steel.

Can a mother of the bride wear periwinkle when the girls are wearing red?

Yes, that color is fine, and the outfit sounds beautiful as you describe it!

Can a mother of the bride wear periwinkle when the girls are wearing red?
Wear what flatters you and makes you feel good. My mom and MIL kept asking me during the planning process what I wanted them to wear. While I was pretty anal about most of the wedding details, I honestly did not care. Plus I didn't think it was my place to tell them what to wear. I know it was a big day for both of them and I wanted them to be comfortable and happy.
Reply:Of course you can may I add the periwinkle sounds really beautiful. ( I love Blue)

At one of my daughters weddings I wore pink bridesmaid blue and mother in-law cream daughter gown was ivory oh yeah I was horrified

In the end everyone said it was the best wedding they had ever been to so I guess it was all OK anyway

Im sure you will look beautiful and very proud
Reply:I just don't see those colors looking good together in photos.

Have the dress store know the dresses are in the red range group. They should help you pick something that will at least go well in the photos.

Why not a pinkish/beige?
Reply:Sounds like just the right thing to me...

My mum has been stressing about what to wear for my wedding in april as everything she'd seen and liked was black... she was worried about people thinking it was too much like funeral attire.

I told my mum to wear whatever she liked and was comfortable in. no matter what colour, style etc

Your daughter will be proud of whatever you wear, how much it cost is irrelavent.
Reply:I was going to say red until I saw her saying you can where whatever color you like, so if so... periwinkle should be fine... especially if it's in a dress that you like.
Reply:Periwinkle sounds really nice. Or you could wear pink if you are into that colour, and it would go as it is a lighter shade of red.

But don't wear something that stands out, the other guy who said that is totally wrong. MOB is meant to blend in, not stand out, she is not a bride nor a bridesmaid. If MOB tries to stand out too much it will look like she is trying to get attention from the bride and bridesmaids and this won't go down well with both the bride and other guests and believe me, people do notice if the MOB is trying to upstage the bride.

But what you said sounds very nice and tasteful. You are good to respect your daughter's wishes. Good luck shopping!
Reply:If you want to see what it will look like, I actually have a photo that I can send you of a family wedding. The girls dresses were wine and one of the grandmothers wore periwinkle. I have a photo of a bridesmaid and the grandmother next to each other.
Reply:That dress sounds nice. I think it would be fine.
Reply:You like the periwinkle dress. You find it flattering, and it is in the right price range.

Buy it already, before it is gone. It will be fine.
Reply:yes you can wear don't have to match or contrast with the bridesmaids at all...your outfit sounds lovely - go for it!!
Reply:I think periwinkle is a beautiful color, but think about this: the pictures will be red, white and blue (very patriotic!).
Reply:Whatever color you like except white. Enjoy!
Reply:The Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom should wear the same FORMALITY (ultra-formal, formal, semi-formal or casual) as the other members of the wedding party.

The Mothers of the Bride and Groom should have their own look which means they are not a bridesmaid and should not dress like a bridesmaid. Your dress or gown should be outstanding with matching shoes, handbag, and jewelry. And don't forget to get your hair done and nails done for the wedding.

Try to avoid wearing PASTEL colors, the color of your dress should POP out. Why? Because pastel colors tend to fade into the background, and you'll be very disapponted when you see the photographs several weeks after the wedding.

Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant
Reply:I don't see why not...especially if it's okay with your daughter! Since it's in the blue color family...and red always goes with blue...I don't see the problem with it!! Congratulations!

casual shoes

How would you wear your hair curled to a wedding? Both down and up...?

I'm going to a wedding and I need a hairdo that goes nice with a periwinkle halter dress. I need something that'll last all night. I prefer my hair down, but if you have really nice updos just show me!

How would you wear your hair curled to a wedding? Both down and up...?

Would a single rose work instead of bouquets for bridesmaids?

I am trying to decide what to do about the flowers for my wedding, which is in mid-May. The color scheme is blue and white (bridesmaids in periwinkle) and the theme is Israeli Jewish (we're thinking of the tables being city names instead of numbered). I was wondering, do you think a single white rose (or some other flower) tied with a ribbon and some babysbreath would be an elegant choice for the bridesmaids?

Would a single rose work instead of bouquets for bridesmaids?
We had the bridesmaids carry up single roses...and put the meaning of the roses in the order of service.

One carried a Red rose for love and respect

one carried a yellow rose for friendship and joy

one carried a pink rose for romance

one carried a white rose for purity and reverance

All the things that we wanted to bring to our bouquet contained all the colours.

Often people don't remember the flowers at the wedding...but 10 years latter people are still commenting on how nice it was to have flowers with meaning at our ceremony.

Good luck
Reply:do what your heart tells you
Reply:I think that would be a very beautiful choice.
Reply:I think it is beautiful to do that. Simple and inexpensive. Remember flowers die!!!
Reply:Yes I think that would be a good choice. I was going to do a single red rose and a single daisy but then I found a lady that will do small silk bouquets for everyone for what I would have paid for real flowers.
Reply:I think its a cheap choice.
Reply:Yes, They would work single roses are just as nice. My sister in law and my brothers wedding was in november and they did single roses with babys breath. And no one said it looked bad I think just having something for them to carry is good and a single rose is just as nice. Good Luck.
Reply:No, a rose wouldn't look good. You need a bigger flower - bird of paradise, or something exotic. I don't know what would come in white - gladiolus might work
Reply:I think it will look good. That is the same thing I am doing in Aug.
Reply:It sounds lovely.
Reply:yes, that's what i had for bridemaids in my wedding. a really long big rose wrapped in ribbon. any florist should be able to offer you a nice idea for this.
Reply:Absolutely. I think it would have a nice understated elegance about it.

Congrats %26amp; good luck!
Reply:My sister had that for her wedding and it was really nice, and was the right size. I think they are better than regular flowers that they usually have the bridesmaids carry. and your wedding sounds like its going to be beautiful I like the idea about the tables being city names instead of numbers. congratulations on your coming wedding.
Reply:yes but only if the wedding has simple flowers
Reply:I have seen the bride carry a single rose as well.

It is elegant %26amp; tasteful.
Reply:yes its your day sweetie!!!!
Reply:Absolutely. You can even have them "cradle" the flower in their arms while they're walking down the aisle; have the flower lying on one arm with the ribbon hanging off their arm, with their hands clasped in front of them, holding onto the base of the stem; it looks a lot more relaxed. I went to a wedding where the bridesmaids had one flower, but they carried it in front of them like it was a bouquet and they looked very awkward doing it.
Reply:yes, it does work, and very well
Reply:i wouldn't take away from the beauty of the rose by adding anything else.

just a single white rose would be stunning, especially against the periwinkle blue of their gowns!

have a lovely wedding, and may your marriage be as happy and filled with joy as ours has been!
Reply:Definately! My bridesmaids carried 3 white callalillies tied with a sage ribbon and it looked very elegant. Roses would be just as beautiful. Good idea!
Reply:yes that should be good my bridesmaids bouqutes only have 3 flowers tied with ribon
Reply:VERY Elegant. And Beautiful.
Reply:it'll look fine. simple is always a good way to go.
Reply:I would do a single white rose and surrounded by some blue type of flower (discuss with your florist) that would match bridesmaid's dresses with a few sprigs of baby's breath wrapped in a lovely white satin ribbon in a bow. Georgeous and elegant. As far as the tables being named for jewish cities, Mmmm....different, but a little too different. I think that the traditional numbered tables are the best. Do something else to carry the Jewish theme...
Reply:i like the idea
Reply:That is very simple, yet ex's sister did this and I think it was lovely! Congrats!
Reply:They are called presentation or arm held bouquetes and they will look just fine. Here are some pictures for you.
Reply:I think that would be very pretty.
Reply:I like the idea. Go ahead.
Reply:Yes, it would be very elegant, and beautiful. I have seen this done at several weddings, and it is awesome.
Reply:No. A single flower for bridesmaids either says "We're cheap" or it says "We couldn't afford better". Nobody will remember the flowers anyway, but they WILL remember if the bridesmaids were carrying only one!